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Filtration Mats BlueLine


Filtration Mats G2, G3, G4, F5 and F6

BlueLine Filtration

BlueLine filter mats are high-class products that allow devices to work in the most difficult conditions, with high air dustiness. Often, this product is also called as filtration unwoven fabric or filter fibre. We offer G2, G3, G4, F5 and F6 filters, thanks to which they are widely used in industry and air-technical systems.

Pre filtration mats G2, G3, G4

G2, G3 and G4 mats are used for initial filtration in all types of equipment - The designations of these mats for the European version are: EU2, EU3 and EU4: Products in accordance with the EN779 standard. 100% moisture resistance, max. temperature resistance 80 ° C. These products are often used before F5 and F6 filters to achieve even greater filtration efficiency.

Fine filtration mats F5 and F6

Filter mats F5 and F6 are used for final filtration of supply air in painting and spraying devices. They also find a number of applications in devices that require accurate air filtration. Filtration capacity of F5 and F6 class: (spores, cement dust (coarse), particles causing dust layers to settle, larger bacteria, germs on carrier particles, PM-10 dust)


G2 / EU2 filtration mat - 5mm thick

Filtration Mats

G2 / EU2 filter fabric, which is used in many air-technical devices. It will work well in air conditioners, ventilation, recuperators, etc. We have to remember that the G2 filter mat is used for initial air filtration, to obtain high filtration accuracy you need to use F7, F8 class air filters. Technical data: Filtering according to the standard: EN779 - G2 (EU2). Size: Temperature resistant up to 80 ° C. Filtration efficiency 78%, Density 100 g / m².

  • Filtration media thickness 5mm,
  • Width 1m,
  • Length 40m,

G2 / EU2 filtration mat - 10mm thick

Filtration Mats

FL150 filter mat - Filtration class G2 equivalent to the European standard EU2. It is a dust filter for preliminary filtration of the supply air. The G2 / EU2 filtration class allows separation of matter such as: leaves, sand, hair, textile fiber, fly ash, insects, etc. A mat (fiber) of this filtration class is recommended for use in the majority of most simple filtration solutions. Our product is widely used in various industries. The mat is characterized by high efficiency of the filter medium, break-down resistant. The material from which it is made of is 100% polyester. This product is often called as filter fibre. Mat parameters: Temperature resistant up to 80 ° C, Density 150 g / m²

  • filter media thickness 10mm,
  • width 1m,
  • length 40m,

G3 / EU3 filtration mat - 20mm thick

Filtration Mats

G3 / EU3 filter fabric - Filter for pre-cleaning the air. 80-90% filtration efficiency. The filter mat is resistant to moisture and is characterized by high efficiency of filter media. Mat made of polyester material, break-down resistant fibres. The filter is used in many air-technical devices, among others recuperators, air conditioners, air ventilation systems. Density - 200 g / m²


  • Thickness 20mm,
  • Mat width 1m,
  • Length 20m,

G4 / EU4 filtration mat - 22 mm thick

Filtration Mats

Filter mat G4 (EU4) or filter fabric. Filter of this class is one of the most popular filters used for initial air filtration. They are successfully used in control cabinets, recuperators, fans, air conditioners and many other technical devices. The FL220 filter mat can be used as a filter for preliminary air purification for fine (final) filters of F7 and F8 filtration class. The filter group / standard is effective for particles ≥ 10 μm (including beach sand, water drops, pollen, plant spores, fog). Technical data of the mat (filter fibre): medium thickness: 22 mm, width 1m, length 20m. Working temperature up to 80 ° C. Density -220 g / m²


F5 filtration mat - 20 mm thick

Filtration Mats

Filter mat (filter fibre) F5 (EU5) - Belongs to the group of air filters of fine purification. It is used, for example, in: production rooms, garages, warehouses, fans. Filtration capacity based on matter (pollen, coarse cement dust, spores, fly ash). The filter also works well as pre-filtration for F7 and F8 filters. Filtering according to the standard: EN779 - EU5. Size Width 0.63m, thickness 20mm, length 20m. Temperature resistance up to 80 ° C. Fire standards: DIN 53438 (F1),



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