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BlueLine line filters for compressed air are an indispensable and basic element of every industry branch. The task of BlueLine line filters is to clean compressed air from pollen, water, oil residues and other airborne microorganisms. Our cartridges are made of many layers, in which each of them is responsible for a separate function. Thanks to this, we obtain high filtration efficiency. We divide BleLine filters into preliminary, final and activated carbon filters.

Pre-filters 99.99% -3 µm,
Fine filters 99.9999% -1 µm - oil residue 0.5 mg / m3,
Very fine filters 99.99999% -0.01 µm - oil residue 0.01 mg / m3,
Activated carbon filters - 0.003 mg / m3 oil residue,

Pre line filters

BlueLine Filtration


Fine line filters

BlueLine Filtration


Activated carbon line filters

BlueLine Filtration




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