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Oil separators BlueLine


Oil Separators

BlueLine Filtration

BlueLine designs separators to ensure the highest efficiency of work with the highest efficiency of oil separation.

BlueLine Filtration offers individual oil separation solutions for compressor and vacuum pump applications.

What characterizes BueLine separators?

  • Separators are durable and efficient (low pressure loss ensures excellent results).
  • Effective (very low residual oil level of 1-2 ppm).

The very high quality of BlueLine separators is becoming more and more popular among consumers of compressors and vacuum pumps.

We offer a wide production program of separators at a good price and high quality:

  • Can separators with a flow rate of 1-16,5 m3 / min,
  • Deep separators with a flow rate of 2-56.5 m3 / min,
  • Separators for vacuum pumps with a flow of 0.1-4.8 m3 / min,

Working temperature up to 120 ° C

Oil residues at 1-3 mg / m3.

BlueLine separators are characterized by long working life and competitive price.



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