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Filtr powietrza BlueLine


To achieve optimal engine performance, a clean air supply is required. If particles of dirt, such as soot, dust, get into the engine compartment, it may cause premature wear of the engine.

Filtr paliwa BlueLine


Modern, highly efficient injection systems impose high demands on the quality and purity of fuel. Blueline fuel filters ensure that dirt particles and water contained in the fuel do not damage the engine
Filtr powietrza BlueLine


Poor air quality causes fatigue, is irritating to the eyes and respiratory tract. BlueLine cabin filters provide comfort and fresh air inside the car / machine.
Oil filter BlueLine


By choosing BlueLine Filtration oil filters, you get the highest quality at a good price. Only pure oil can ensure good engine operation. The BlueLine brand is able to meet all the requirements imposed to us by modern engine manufacturers.
Separators BlueLine


BlueLine designs separators to ensure the highest efficiency of work with the highest efficiency of oil separation. BlueLine Filtration offers individual oil separation solutions for compressor and vacuum pump applications.
Hydraulic filters BlueLine


BlueLine offers a wide range of low, medium and high pressure filters. All three variants prevent dirt from entering the hydraulic system. Modern hydraulic systems impose great demands.



A wide range of filters used for ventilation and air conditioning devices allows us to implement the most demanding projects. Our products can be divided into: Pocket filters in the filtration class G2 - F9, Filter mats in the filtration class G2-F9, Compact filters in the filtration class from G2 to F9 and HEPA filters.

filtration-mats BlueLine


BlueLine filter mats are high-class products that allow devices to work in the most difficult conditions, with high air dustiness. We offer G2, G3, G4, F5 and F6 filters, thanks to which they are widely used in industry and air-technical systems.

Line filters BlueLine


BlueLine line filters for compressed air are an indispensable and basic component of every industry branch. The main task of BlueLine Linear filters is to clean compressed air from pollen, water, oil residues and other airborne microorganisms.

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IOW TRADE Sp. z o.o.

Industrial Filters - BlueLine Filtration

The BlueLine offer is addressed to business and individual clients. Our products can be divided into: air, fuel, oil, separators, HVAC, mains and filters for ventilation and air conditioning. Over 30 years of experience allows us to implement the most demanding projects. Our filters are used, among others in:

  • industrial compressors,
  • construction industry,
  • mining industry,
  • rail industry,
  • production machines,



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