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Fuel Filters BlueLine


Modern, highly efficient injection systems impose high demands on the quality and purity of fuel. Blueline fuel filters ensure that dirt particles and water contained in the fuel do not damage the engine.

BlueLine fuel filters are also adapted to the high requirements of sensitive injection subsets. By using very good filter materials, the fuel is cleaned of unwanted dirt particles. Our filters protect the injection systems against wear and corrosion, and thus contribute to even, smooth engine operation.

Fuel filters with water separation

The perfect protection for injection equipment and engines is the use of a pre-filter with water separation.

What characterizes BlueLine fuel filters with water separation?

  • High efficiency of water separation> 93%,
  • Flow 270 l / h, 420 l / h, 600 l / h,
  • Built-in pump,
  • Biodiesel fuel resistance,
  • The possibility of using a fully automatic 24 V / 350 W heater,
  • Corrosion protection of the injection system,

We offer a number of cartridges and complete fuel filters. Our filters are used, among others, in: agricultural machines, compressors, construction and mining machines, and many others.




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